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Manawatu Knitting Mills is New Zealand’s leading producer and manufacturer of possum and merino knitwear.

Manawatu Knitting Mills specialise in the design of knitwear using natural fibres, including cashmere, alpaca, angora, possum and merino, as well as superfine merino.

These products are produced in New Zealand, and marketed and distributed through out the world. With leading edge technology, such as a recently installed computer design system, designs can be simulated to meet specific customer requirements then transferred directly to knitting machines.

Technicians and designers travel regularly overseas in order to embrace the world’s best technology and design.

We are also stockists for... ANSETT KNITTING MILLS

346 Bong Bong Street, Bowral NSW 2576 | Phone: (02) 4861 3818 | Email: thecountryman@westnet.com.au